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Facilities inside the building/park

​ Nakkori Beach

2 minutes walk from the hotel.

nature beach

You can see a very beautiful sunset ​.

1F front lobby

We lend a variety of picture books for free.

​Please bring it to your room and enjoy your time with your child.

Equipment: vending machine, ice machine, microwave oven

Experience Kingdom Murasakimura

The history of the Ryukyu Kingdom during the glorious Daiko trade era

Murasakimura reproduced on the site of 15,000 tsubo.

NHK historical drama "Ryukyu no Kaze"

On the stage used as an open set

​Experience the culture, entertainment, and food of Okinawa.

Business hours/9:00~18:00​

​Admission fee

Free admission for hotel guests

Adults 600 yen Junior high school students 500 yen Elementary school students 400 yen

​ Sento Yufuru "Togoru no Yu"

Adjacent to the hotel


​ Neuralgia, rheumatism, back pain, stiff shoulders, bruiseslottery

Fatigue recovery・Resistant to cold ・Roughness ・ChilblainsHeat rash and hemorrhoids

business hours

15:00-22:30 (Last entry 22:00)

coin laundry

Adjacent to public bath


Washing machine 200 yen / Dryer 100 yen

Detergent (sold at the front desk and public baths)

100 yen

business hours


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