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Notice of event cancellation due to Typhoon No. 11

August 31 (Wednesday) to September 4 (Sunday)It was scheduled to be held until
"Ryukyu Yokai 2022" is unavoidable due to the approach of Typhoon No.
cancelI decided to do it.
​We apologize for the sudden cancellation and inconvenience to our customers and everyone involved, but we appreciate your understanding.

Go through the dark stone pavement and collect Yokai stamps! In the park, which recreates the townscape of the Ryukyu Dynasty, you can find ghosts that have been passed down from generation to generation in Okinawa as nebuta floats of Aomori. Kijimuna, of course, Mimikiribozu, Akamata, Osatoki, etc. Can you find all of the youkai? ? There are also projection mapping, stages, and stalls, so the whole family can enjoy it.

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